Reliability, independence, interdisciplinary expertise: Allianx is a long-term partnership among companies committed to the highest professional standards, offering comprehensive services in the field of aviation, overall transport infrastructures and complementary services.
We deal with projects of any scale, remaining focused on value for Clients and successful outcomes.
Thanks to the partnership philosophy, Allianx provides the most effective team to satisfy the different needs arising from any single project.
That's why we can guarantee high quality outcomes, on time, delivering the best possible solutions to our Customers.
Allianx provides the most effective interface between the wishes and the goals of your company.


Allianx Representative

Chief Executive Officer at MYOXE

Having worked in key roles for almost 30 years for a large number of major Construction and Real Estate Companies, Vincenzo Cani has run a wide range of important international projects in the field of property development.
During his career he has successfully applied his recognised competence in several areas of the business.
His expertise, well complemented by a constant investment in relationships, allows him to have a clear understanding of the evolving market as well as Clients' expectations.
He joined Myoxe in 2016 as Chief Executive Officer, with the aim of building the capacity of the company in order to face the challenges of the construction industry and to provide Clients with the most dynamic and reliable services and consultancy.


Allianx Representative

Chief Executive Officer at NextAir

Having spent over 20 years of his career in a number of top positions for airlines and airports, Mario Peralda is an acknowledged expert in aviation business management.
From 2012 he served two consecutive terms as member of the Italian Airports Council Executive Committee (Assaeroporti).
His expertise enables him to manage both single airport processes optimization and large scale development plans.
He also possesses relevant skills and experience in the commercial and executive aviation sector as well as in aircraft purchasing, remarketing and trading processes.
He founded NextAir in 2008 with the aim of developing business initiatives in the field of aviation and providing higly professional and independent consulting services worldwide.


Allianx Representative

Chief Executive Officer at NextAir



NEXTAIR works across the aviation value chain, from airlines to airports, to help Clients navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the changing aviation industry. NEXTAIR's specialists experienced the aviation domain both from the perspective of the airline as well as the airport, which brings a unique comprehension of the overall travel ecosystem. At NEXTAIR, professionals who understand the aviation business can effectively help you to reach your targets, with no time being wasted due to poor industry experience.


UN DIX-HUIT is a modern architecture and design studio, with over 30 years' experience in a wide range of project types: from big to small scale, from concept idea to realization, from interior design to aesthetic and energy renovation, from buildings to airports. Our principal challenge is to understand our Clients and their requirements, while dealing with all aspects of the project in the best possible way. Headquartered in Switzerland, Un Dix-Huit manages worldwide.


IDROESSE ENGINEERING operates in several engineering sectors: Infrastructure and Transport, Hydraulic, Environmental and Energy Engineering. We cover all technical activities from planning (masterplan, feasibility studies, technical-economic studies) at all levels of design (preliminary, final and detailed) to technical assistance in the construction phase (design build, work supervision, health and safety management, accounting, monitoring and final tests).


MYOXE guarantees/provides services and consultancy of the highest possible quality by integrating its corporate activities with the professional skills and business expertise provided by the ELGOGROUP. Thanks to its proven knowledge of the international construction industry, a well-established network of contacts and collaborators and its permanent and well-structured presence in many countries, MYOXE is in the best position to seize the many business opportunities arising in the most profitable international markets.


AXOLUTA has supported the travel industry for 20 years, developing effective data-driven solutions in order to help transport companies, ports, airports and tourism operators to evolve their IT models. We analyze existing systems, harmonizing and integrating them to the most innovative digital progress using the targeted design and implementation of sequential engines, software platforms and apps for different purposes such as booking procedures, sales, cross-channel media strategies, competitor data retrieval, and Customer care. AXOLUTA add unique value to the traveler's experience, modelling intuitive, logical and engaging digital experiences, which can really boost the business.


LF CONSULTING is a consultancy firm specializing in lobbying, institutional relations and business development. The firm offers services relating to a wide range of activities, from assisting companies in participating in European tenders, to specific intercessions with public institutions and providing business development strategies in international markets. Using an extensive international network that includes business units in Brussels and Singapore, LF CONSULTING is able today to effectively and directly provide its competencies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.